IT Assets

When companies are ready to dispose of their surplus or end of life IT assets, GCI is there to help you manage the process in a secure, efficient, and cost effective manner.  

For most organizations, the disposition of IT assets can be complicated and risky.  Every computer, server, storage system, tablet, smart phone or other IT device being decommissioned can pose a data security risk and environmental hazard.  Our IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions help protect our clients through strict data security and compliance with all environmental regulations, all while ensuring that reuse and remarketing value is maximized. In addition, our team of experienced, knowledgeable ITAD experts is focused on creating flexible and transparent programs designed for each of our clients. 

GCI's IT Asset Disposition solutions include:


Secure Logistics and Transport

Our strict guidelines for packaging, collecting and transporting assets ensure a secure chain-of-custody while protecting you from unnecessary risk and expense.

Data Security


GCI ensures that data-bearing devices are sanitized safely and properly using methods aligned with NIST 800-88 guidelines. Drives that cannot be sanitized are shredded to prevent data recovery. Learn more about our data security processes.


GCI's expertise in enterprise IT management spans across diverse technologies and platforms and is deployed across multiple geographies, enabling us to maximize the recovery value of your remarketable assets.

Reuse and Inventory Management

GCI puts an emphasis on reuse in order to extend the life of electronic equipment. We offer refurbishment, redeployment, resale, donation and disassembly of assets to yield greater sustainability.

Responsible Recycling


GCI handles all materials under our R2 RIOS standards, which follows strict guidelines that meet or exceed today’s leading environmental standards.


Using our proprietary management system, GCI provides our clients with a detailed audit of all equipment we handle, and can fulfill special reporting requests as needed.